The percentage of shopper decisions that are reportedly made in store range from 28% to 70% (source: and seem to vary depending on the country and the category. However, the consensus remains the same: unless brands make their presence felt in store, they will not convert shoppers to purchase. Many shoppers will switch right at the point of purchase, even if they had in mind to buy a particular brand or product when they entered the store.

In contrast, effective in-store marketing activation will influence shopper-purchasing decisions. Against this background, it may seem surprising that so many FMCG suppliers continue to:

  • Fail to understand the difference between the consumer and the target shopper.
  • Completely neglect the last 50 yards in the shopper journey.
  • Miss out on shopper conversion opportunities at the point of purchase.
  • Overlook occasions to build shopper engagement.
  • Forget the requirement for marketers to be commercially focused.
  • Ignore the fact that marketing plans should be as shopper-centric as they are creative.

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