Range Reviews

Grow your category, develop your brands and make your voice heard in retailer decision making processes

Our experienced category team prepares and delivers best practice in retail range reviews. It’s invaluable if you have limited capability, resource or time internally.

Range Review Services

Whether you already have an established retail range review process or if you have nothing in place, we’ll make sure our work covers all your unique requirements. Using proven methodologies, we conduct analysis and prepare the final presentation to take to the trade. You get:

  • A clear understanding of the retailer’s range review process
  • A comprehensive assessment of the category
  • Identified category growth opportunities for you and the retailer
  • Quantified recommendations on range, distribution and space
  • A platform of evidence to help you sell in new products
  • Credible arguments to support the recommendations, backed up by data

The benefits

  • The opportunity to input credibly to the retailer’s range review – it could be your only chance to influence range changes
  • Better listings, distribution or space
  • More credibility and influence with the trade
  • Show that you understand your retailer’s business in depth
  • Achieve your category targets and sell more
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