Sales Out Analytics

Outstanding, actionable insight from leading-edge data analysis tools and models

Using our fully managed and hosted sales management tool, we can process your business’ Sales Out data, transforming it into visual analytics dashboards every week. Our aim is to help commercial managers spend less time extracting data and more time making business-enhancing decisions from it.

Industry-leading, automated sales analytics

Bridgethorne’s sales out analytics system lets you customise the reports you need on a regular or ad-hoc basis. Its powerful processing capabilities and user-friendly dashboard mean it’s easy to turn your wealth of data into insight and action that make a difference to commercial performance.

Bridgethorne’s sales out analytics platform is fully compatible and mobile, so your team can access the insight they need, wherever they are.

The system’s applications include:

  • Sales tracking
  • Product trends
  • Customer Performance
  • Depot/Store Performance
  • Product performance
  • Raw data extraction
  • Flexible Timeframes
  • KBI/Account Dashboards

The benefits

  • Regular updates with weekly downloads as soon as data is available
  • An intuitive interface that’s easy to operate and customise through an interactive on-screen menu
  • Split views, so you can analyse different data sets together
  • Multiple user licenses
  • Easy Excel export
  • Deploy on PC, laptop, tablet and mobile platforms
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