Real Time In-Store & Online Research

There’s no time like the present when it comes to identifying what makes shoppers tick

We capture purchase decisions at the moment of truth: when they are made, where they are made, how and why they are made.

The approach

Consumers and shopper behaviour are at the heart of everything we do
Real time in-store
  • Eye Tracking
  • Geo-fence Intercepts
  • Face to Face Intercepts

  • Accompanied Shops

Real time online
  • Online Intercepts
  • Web Tracking
  • Virtual Reality Shelf

  • Online Surveys

Capturing moments of truth

Humans are programmed to make decisions in the easiest way possible, relying on our subconscious to guide us with the least cognitive effort. That’s why understanding shopper behaviour and rationale in the very place it happens is key: at the fixture or on the website.

The benefits

Real time research is the most effective and accurate way of understanding:

  • How shoppers navigate, why they behave in certain ways, where they go to fulfil each mission
  • The impact of store layout, category structure and a brand’s range architecture, including price and pack format
  • The strength of a brand’s proposition, packaging design and format in the competitive, noisy retail environment
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