Applied Behavioural Science

Our researchers are trained to dig deeper in order to reveal the true behavioural economics of shopper decision making

Face-to-face, qualitative research is therefore an important element in our approach.

The approach

Consumers and shopper behaviour are at the heart of everything we do
Real time in-store
  • Eye Tracking
  • Virtual Reality Shelf
  • Ethnography Immersions
  • Accompanied Shops

Segmentation, market assessment
  • Usability Diagnostics
  • Co-creative Sessions

We observe and analyse sub-consciously demonstrated cues:

  • Body language and reflexes (live and recorded observation)
  • Visual perception and attention (eye tracking)
  • Inconsistencies and contradictions between the utility-based explanations given by participants and the confessional bursts of truth where emotions, biases and heuristics are revealed (moderated sessions)

We delve into cultural & social influences and prior experience, beliefs, perceptions and, ultimately, those heuristics (rules of thumb) and biases that humans employ to make choices easily.

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