Capability Programmes

Training delivered to meet your long term capability goals and to embed best practice throughout your organisation right away

What our programmes entail

Our transformational capability programmes are designed for groups (teams, organisations, departments) and individuals. They deliver tangible, consistent, sustainable capability development. We work with you to meet specific requirements and focus on the right competencies, embedded into your organisation’s category, shopper and key account management operations.

Our Approach


Bridgethorne’s capability programmes use a structured, 4-stage process for developing an organisation’s capabilities.

They create an operating blueprint that you can continue and replicate even as team changes happen over time. The approach works for internal and external assessment of an organisation’s or individual’s capabilities. We benchmark against optimal competencies for category management, shopper marketing and key account management.

The benefits

  • Consistency: a blueprint approach for a team or organisation’s optimal operation
  • Benchmarked: meet and exceed business or industry operating standards defined for the team or business
  • Bespoke: designed to your specific organisational requirements
  • Embedded: our programmes are designed to deliver in practice from day one as an integral part of the team, department or organisation’s way of working
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