Category & Shopper Training Workshops

Efficient, effective and enjoyable ways for your people to build their capability that directly supports the work they do every day

Workshops for category specialists

Practical and engaging workshops delivered by expert practitioner trainers on their own or part of a blended learning capability module designed for category and shopper marketing.

We tailor our workshops to your specific business requirements and build in proven, industry-leading tools and processes that embed learned skills into your organisation’s way of working.

The Bridgethorne Training Academy Curriculum offers a wide range of themed workshops for learners from different commercial teams, at all levels.

Our Category & Shopper Training Workshops

Introduction to Category Development
Unlocking Actionable Insight
Building Category Visions
Category Leadership (NEW)
Retailer Activation & Execution (NEW)
My Perfect Store (NEW)
Introduction to Shopper Marketing
Understanding Shopper Metrics
Range Reviews
Facilitation skills

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