Paths to purchase, touchpoints & retail impact

Understand how and where your shoppers make their purchase decisions for optimal commercial impact

The Bridgethorne team can help you understand the journey from shopper to consumer. Discover the evidence for maintaining or changing product and category features to maximise conversion.

The approach

Consumers and shopper behaviour are at the heart of everything we do
Real time in-store
  • Geo-fence Intercepts
  • Eye Tracking
  • Accompanied Shops

  • Face to Face Intercepts

Real time online
  • Web Tracking
  • Online Intercepts

Optimal positioning for existing propositions

We help you explore and identify missions, occasions and channels that consumers use. We investigate beliefs, biases, cultural context and attitudes, both innate and learned.

Paths to purchase research provides insight into brand salience, visibility, location and category alignment. We examine the touchpoints and external influences that apply and consider rational and subliminal influences in store.

Case study: Beverages

Challenge: How does a global player with an extensive portfolio avoid the pitfalls of commoditising a niche category whilst growing volume? What are the levers which will broaden acquisition and deepen engagement?

Approach: We accompanied shoppers along their path to purchase, eye tracking their behaviour as they sought out products and brands, and immersing ourselves in the on trade and off trade retail environments.

Solution: Take an integrated and optimised approach across all channels, focussing around occasion, servings and the brand stories behind authentic provenance. Provide retailers with evidence to re-merchandise the category, making it easier and more appealing to shop a hitherto complex and inhibiting retail space.

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