Real Life En Masse Quantitative

Get to the bottom of the experience, attitudes and beliefs that fuel shopper and consumer decisions, so you know how to refine your propositions.

Real life quantitative research takes place ‘downstream’, after purchase decisions are made, to understand in retrospect what’s influenced them.

The approach

Consumers and shopper behaviour are at the heart of everything we do
Real scale en-masse quantitative
  • Shopper U&A Studies
  • Virtual Reality Shelf
  • Retail Layout Tests

Segmentation, market assessment
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Market Assessments

Comprehensive, detailed mass insight

We listen to, correspond with and monitor thousands of shoppers every week, using advanced techniques and dynamic survey design to understand the competing influences that shape shopper purchase decisions.

We test factors that drive shoppers to try products or entrench them in habitual behaviour, evaluating the levers of time, place, promotion, price, USP, brand and advertising.

The benefits

Real life quantitative research examines and evaluates the scale and dynamics of shopper and consumer behaviour in categories, brand groups, markets or retail channels. It measures the scale of behaviour, evaluates opportunity and validates qualitative insight.

  • Know which shoppers to target, what missions they have and where they go to fulfil them
  • Understand usage, experience, attitudes and beliefs which pre-determine shoppers’ hierarchy of needs before they even set off on the path to purchase
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