Find the gap, segmentation & trend tracking

Keep your finger on the pulse of changing markets and be ready to anticipate and adapt to consumer trends

The Bridgethorne team carries out weekly research to monitor changing trends in shopper behaviour. Armed with this, you can anticipate and react to protect commercial performance and spot new opportunities.

The approach

Consumers and shopper behaviour are at the heart of everything we do
Real time in-store
  • Geo-fence Intercepts
  • Eye Tracking
  • Accompanied Shops

  • Face to Face Intercepts

Segmentation, market assessment
  • Shopper U&A Studies
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Virtual Reality Shelf

Staying abreast of market forces

Every week we track shopper behaviour in a range of categories. This alerts us to changing tides of shopper usage and attitude and the resulting behaviour shifts. We use this insight to predict and explain potential changes in category dynamics at the earliest opportunity.

Our research helps you to stay on the front foot, to remain leaders or become innovative challengers, positioned to re-define the category and work in close alignment with retail customers to unlock its potential.

We work closely with Bridgethorne’s category team to develop insights and create commercial traction from them, providing retail-ready proposals that are validated with hard facts and data.

Case study: Skincare

Challenge: How does a brand that has been long established in its category adapt and regain leadership as shoppers shift towards new and different propositions which have re-defined the category away from its core?

Approach: We accompanied shoppers along their path to purchase, eye tracking their behaviour as they sought out products and brands on the retail shelf. We immersed ourselves in their world in discussion groups and validated our findings with 1,800 shoppers via an online survey.

Solution: Modernise and reassert the brand’s USP, strengthening its impact and prominence at point of purchase and redefining the category – its layout, signage and mix of competitors – based on shopper and consumer needs.

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