Ecommerce Shopper Activation

Put a focused plan into practice to deliver the on-line commercial performance your brands deserve

Focused plans to guide your investment in on-line shopper activation for maximum return, followed by management and implementation.

Building the plans

We use insight to prioritise eCommerce shopper activation activities that will achieve your shopper strategic goals. We make sure they link to and support your consumer, shopper, channel and customer plans and strategies. You’ll get:

  • Ecommerce activation plans that are clearly linked to strategic goals for your target shopper
  • A process that identifies and prioritises the right messages, delivered at the right time throughout the shopper journey
  • Clear objectives and evaluation methods for all the activity.

Managing the implementation

The Bridgethorne team can then help you deliver your organisation’s eCommerce shopper marketing activation. We’ll make sure plans are executed in a timely and effective way.

The benefits

  • From the plan-building phase, you’ll get an eCommerce shopper activation plan that’s fully aligned and integrated with your consumer and customer plans
  • From our implementation service, you’ll have clear, measurable and integrated eCommerce shopper marketing objectives
  • We can identify the best third parties to deliver specialist programmes
  • We can align your shopper marketing plans with retailer expectations, delivering the best possible return for your brand and the category.
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