Brand Development, Innovation & Market Entry

Take a look into the future to understand how your new products might perform in different scenarios and against market stalwarts

The Bridgethorne team can help you understand shopper needs and evaluate the opportunity for new, improved or different offers in your market.

The approach

Consumers and shopper behaviour are at the heart of everything we do
Real life, engaging qualitative
  • Ethnography Immersions
  • Co-creative Sessions

  • Concept Tests

Segmentation, market assessment
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Market Assessments

Optimal positioning for new propositions

We help you identify the optimum route to market for your product, brand or range, unlocking the hooks and triggers that make your brand proposition unique and effective.

We harvest consumer language and imagery to maximise the impact and cut through of brands at the point of purchase. We test NPD – product and design – and help you sharpen category winning propositions.

Case study: Soft Drinks

Challenge: How can a brand which is successful in other markets, adapt to win consumer trial and loyalty in an intensely competitive soft drinks category, whilst preserving its core brand heritage?

Approach: We listened to a range of shopper typologies in exploratory and pre-tasked discussion groups and cross-referenced the findings to the quantitative consumer trend tracking of Bridgethorne’s Shopper Index.

Solution: Re-affirm the brand’s core heritage with communication and packaging design which simply and clearly emphasises the quality and uniqueness of taste backed up by cues on authentic provenance and recipes.

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