Real Life Engaging Qualitative

Individual insights and guided discussions give a uniquely detailed perspective on what real shoppers think about your products and category

Real life qualitative engagement takes place directly with consumers, in groups, pairs or one to one. We examine their behaviour before and after purchase decisions are made.

The Approach

Consumers and shopper behaviour are at the heart of everything we do
Real life, engaging qualitative
  • Usability Diagnostics
  • Ethnography & Immersions
  • Concept Tests

  • Co-creative Sessions

Personalised insight for specific concepts

In qualitative research, consumers and shoppers judge, diagnose and help formulate the best ways to meet their needs. We acquire their language, understand their decision process and get to grips with the beliefs, prior category experience and other influences that affect the choices they make. We can challenge them with concepts which are new and different or find out how their shopping habits were first formed.

The benefits

  • Considered, guided insights in a focused setting
  • Real life conversations with target shoppers
  • Research carried out away from the noisy retail environment, to promote reflection
  • Proactive, experience-based suggestions from consumers about what they might respond to favourably
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