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Category, Shopper & Sales

We’re here to help you convince retailers to list your products and persuade shoppers to buy them, either in-store or on-line

We specialise in all aspects of category, shopper and sales management. Our range of services is designed to drive commercial growth for you and your brands.

All our services are built from proven, best practice tools and processes. They’re delivered by our team of experienced and highly engaged FMCG and retail professionals in the UK and worldwide. It’s that combination of leading edge methodology and astute, expert specialists that gives our insight the edge.

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White Paper – Suppliers Failing To Recognise The Differences Between E-Category Management And Conventional Category Management

White Paper - Suppliers Failing To Recognise The Differences Between E-Category Management And Conventional Category Management   With predictions that 18% of all UK retail purchases will occur online this year and that, by 2040, up to 95% of purchases will be facilitated by eCommerce1, FMCG suppliers should be addressing their e-category management strategy as a priority. Yet, despite 77% of UK adults having bought goods or services online, four in ten purchases being made using only an online channel for searching and buying, and millennials now making 54% of their purchases online2, category management and shopper management specialist Bridgethorne [1] says that not enough suppliers recognise the differences between e-category management and conventional category management and are consequently failing to build an optimum e-category capability. In its updated White Paper entitled Winning Online By Embracing E-Category Management, Bridgethorne says it can see suppliers failing to extend their category management skills to e-commerce, meaning that they are not building insights from online shopper behaviour in order to understand shoppers, retailers and categories more fully. “Success in the e-commerce space requires adapting to a different selling environment. Retailers will also be looking to their suppliers [...]

We are recruiting!

We are recruiting! Due to high demand for Bridgethorne’s ecommerce services, we are currently recruiting interim ecommerce experts to join our talented Associate network. We are looking for high calibre specialists who have worked in ecommerce [...]

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