Shopper Marketing Planning

Build the shopper’s view into the heart of your business planning

The Bridgethorne team can help you create an integrated role for your shoppers within your organisation’s existing commercial planning processes.

Shopper strategy development

We have the know-how to develop insight-based strategies to target your shoppers most effectively.

Working with key members of your commercial team, we apply proven best practice approaches to review your existing strategic and annual planning processes and identify the shopper role in each.

We translate consumer and brand, strategy into shopper strategies for optimal impact along the shopper journey. You get a clearly articulated strategic role for your shopper, incorporated in all your key planning documents.

The output is a shopper strategy development programme: a 1- to 3-year overview shopper strategy document that’s directly linked to your commercial strategies.

The benefits

  • An integrated consumer to shopper strategy
  • Your commercial goals are fully aligned with clear shopper strategies – commercial strategies are truly “through-the-line”
  • A clear strategic role for your shopper within your organisation to improve commercial investments.
  • Satisfied shoppers and retailers
  • Better returns on commercial investment
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