The strong online performance of the retail multiples over the Christmas period has reinforced the need for suppliers to raise the importance of eCommerce within their organisations or risk missing out on the channel’s further growth potential in 2018 and beyond.

  • Too many suppliers are still failing to address even basic online requirements that will enable shoppers to find and buy their products. It’s the store equivalent of your product being in stock in the warehouse but not on the shelf and available for people to purchase.
  • Suppliers should put themselves in a better position to capitalise on the growth potential of eCommerce by auditing, reviewing and optimising their ‘Digital Shelf’, the digital version of the in-store shelf.
  • eCommerce is still not featuring on enough senior stakeholders’ priority lists – not enough effort or resources are being committed to it. There is a lack of appreciation of the size of the opportunity and not enough focus on developing and implementing a strong eCommerce strategy to capitalise on the opportunity.
  • Failure to address eCommerce could lead to challenger brands, including those presently online only, taking market share by stealth.

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