Shopper marketing activity must be strategic to optimise return from Britons’ love of summer barbecues

A new study that has highlighted the extent of Britons’ love affair with a good summer barbecue reinforces the importance for brands and retailers to embrace occasion-based shopping when targeting shoppers and consumers.

 FMCG and retail specialist Bridgethorne was commenting following the publication of a study commissioned by recipe box company Gousto. The study revealed that we will each host an average of six barbecues this summer, which could see us collectively preparing 700 million burgers and over 600 million hot dogs, whilst working our way through more than 320 million bottles of tomato ketchup.

 “Understanding shopper behaviour, including how, where and with whom we are going to make the most of the good summer weather, is fundamental to being able to deliver extra sales. This means ensuring the combination of products that shoppers might want for their barbecues – whether that’s meat, salads, drinks or desserts – are not only readily available in store but, where possible, grouped together and presented with the right promotional mechanics on shoppers’ favourite brands,” explains John Nevens, Joint Managing Director, Bridgethorne.

 Part of this process, Nevens adds, requires brands and retailers to understand the shopper’s journey to the point of purchase, whether that is in-store or online, and then targeting and engaging with shoppers in the most effective manner.

 “Promotions and range targeted at the shopper is probably the most critical factor particularly in categories where the shopper is often not the shopper is not the consumer,” continues Nevens.  “In the beer category, for example, the shopper is predominantly female yet the consumer is predominantly male, something which needs to be taken into account.”

 “Brands and retailers have to ensure that any activation plans are clearly linked to strategic goals for their target shopper rather than the generic consumer. This means having a process in place that identifies and prioritises the right messages, delivered at the right time throughout the shopper journey.”

 Bridgethorne works with both brands to develop plans to guide investment in shopper activation for maximum return. It also conducts market and shopper research to inform planning, advises on shopper marketing activation, aligning brands’ shopper marketing plans with retailer expectations to optimise return for brand and category.