Commercial teams at FMCG companies, who could be spending on average up to an estimated 800 hours each year processing and reporting on epos data, drawing insights from over 800 individual reports from retailers’ EPOS systems, could shortcut the route to business-enhancing decisions by using automated data-gathering platforms.

That’s the message from retail and FMCG specialist Bridgethorne, which says time spent retrieving and cleaning data, and building and updating reports containing the data can be minimised if removed from being manual and automated instead. Bridgethorne’s own EPOS analytics platform can collect and process data from multiple retailers automatically, reducing the reliance on people to undertake a laborious, time-consuming task where time could be more productively allocated.

“By transforming data into a suite of visual analytics dashboards every week, we can help commercial managers spend less time extracting data and more time interpreting and making business-enhancing decisions from it,” explains Kevin Philpott, Analytics Controller at Bridgethorne.

“Data is automatically cleaned and transformed, using the client’s own brand and product descriptions for ease of identification. This in turn helps them understand total business performance alongside individualretailer performance, whilst creating a one number culture as everyone is working with the same figures.”

Bridgethorne’s EPOS analytics platform is fully compatible and mobile, so teams can access the dashboards they need, wherever they are and whenever they need it. The service saves commercial time logging into multiple sites, navigating and extracting data and then spending time cleaning and consolidating the reports. This is a weekly process and doesn’t need to rely on individuals being in the business each week or having the time to do it.

Companies that sign up to the Bridgethorne EPOS Analytics platform for 12 months by November 30th 2022 will get one month free. To view a brief animation about the platform, visit and to arrange a demonstration, email