Shopper Research

Inspired Insight

Providing Inspired Insight

Research can often be a separate event in the process of realising business opportunities. Yet  research information is often turned into inspirational insight when its creatively applied to the business opportunity.

Information comes from research. Inspired insight can come from anywhere… a researcher, a buyer, a brand, account or category manager, or from a combination of the parts.

What we do

What we do

An integrated insights approach

We provide qualitative and quantitative research, embedded in an integrated insights approach to research marketing.

Before, during and after research, we use our integrated agency skills, our combined experience, and our commercial understanding, to deliver both the information you need and the relevant, applied, inspired insight you want.

How we do it

How we do it

A fundamental approach to research marketing

  • Briefing – We start with the end in mind and brief the stakeholders
  • Methodology – Focus group discussions, home visits, accompanied shops, quantitative surveys, tailored to the output required
  • The art of the questions –  Qualitative questioning with enabling, projection, laddering and creative techniques
  • Analysis – Analysis of responses, behaviours and the ‘unsaid’ combined with commercial understanding to deliver a relevant ‘so what’
  • Debrief – Relevant, clear, usable and directional and tailored to your needs


Research Marketing Benefits

  • Provide deep understanding of your target category
  • Learn about your shoppers and their shopping journeys
  • Realise consumer needs and wants for your New Product Development (NPD)
  • Create new business opportunities