Range Review Ready?

Gain Range Review Success

Do you want to?

  • Review category performance to determine optimal ranges?
  • Drive incremental category value?
  • Future proof your category?
  • Ensure shopper satisfaction and ease of purchase?

Our Category and Range Reviews are delivered by a highly experienced multi level category management team. An in depth understanding of retailers range review processes, their data providers, timings and expectations enable Bridgethorne to execute with precision and we have a proven track record for consistent delivery, client and retailer satisfaction.

What we do

What we do

What does the service provide

  • Development of the range review via a 9 step approach
  • Comprehensive overview of the category and identifies mutually beneficial category opportunities for supplier and retailer
  • Delivery of compelling category based arguments
  • Creates a platform for NPD sell in
  • Provides recommendations on range, distribution and space
How we do it

How we do it

What are the deliverables

  • Clear and focussed understanding of your brands risks & opportunities prior to entering into the range review process to build growth or defence strategy and tactics
  • In-depth analysis of the market and retailer data available, using industry leading techniques
  • Translation of data into insights aligned to the retailer’s growth aspirations
  • Retailer meeting support throughout the process


The positive outcomes of our review

  • Full use of a multifunctional experienced category team
  • Increased category knowledge and understanding of retailer range review process
  • Understanding of risks and opportunities for your brand and competitors
  • Improve category credentials and relationship with retailer
  • Provides a platform for all brand activity including NPD
  • Improves understanding and capabilities for future range reviews