Market Assessment

The NPD Story

Insights for New Product Development

Environmental assessment is the foundation stone for many aspects of business planning, including  new market entry  and new product launches.

As the initial stage of our tried and tested Market Entry process, our assessment provides the compelling insights and rationales to support both internal decision making and external facing launch plans (such as retail presentations.)

What we do

What we do

What does the service provide

For businesses currently operating in the UK or for those wanting to enter into the UK we:

  • Follow an 8 step process to develop to fully understand the market context
  • Quantify and articulate the opportunity for both client and category
  • Provide an objective rationale for market entry  or product launch based upon category, shopper and consumer insight


How we do it

How we do it

What are the deliverables

A compelling assessment validating business growth plans for customers and internal stakeholders.

A quantified and qualitative ‘go’ ‘no go’ perspective for market entry or New Product launches

The sound basis for ‘Category Proposition’ development – the compelling ‘presentation’ to the customer



Impactful NPD

  • Helps aid early decision making before major launch investment
  • Helps lower business risk and exposure
  • Helps ease the internal decision making process
  • Increases the chances of success