Category Vision

A platform for supplier and retailer collaboration focusing on shoppers’ needs

A Route for Growth

A Category Vision identifies and quantifies the strategic category growth drivers to influence with recommendations for the point of purchase and shopper marketing activities.  It ensures the shopper, retailer and supplier are aligned to maximise category growth and sales opportunities. It is underpinned by real consumer & shopper research enabling valuable insight for retail and supplier strategies and tactics.

What we do

What we do

Focus on understanding

For Shoppers we ensure categories best meet their needs. For Retailers we identify and allow them to focus on the major opportunities and for the suppliers we establish them as a category expert with objectivity.

How we do it

How we do it

A multi-phased approach

  1. Insight Development – Project Scoping, Data Analysis and Shopper Research
  2. Strategy Development –  Category Assessment, Category Vision, Category Drivers & Category Strategies
  3. Execution – Point of Purchase Plan, Tailored Account Tactics & Trade Presentation.


A clear and quantified vision

  • Identifies route to growth & quantifies potential
  • Identifies and Quantifies growth drivers
  • Provides a platform for Category & Brand development
  • Provides focus for future brand activities