GSCOP in Action

Improved knowledge & application of the supplier code – to aid negotiations and create a more balanced Supplier/Retailer relationship

By the end of the training workshop you will:

  • Understand the detail of the supplier code and all aspects that it relates to
  • Be confident in spotting potential breaches of the code
  • Be able to tactfully raise code related concerns with trading partners
  • Create a ‘ready for action’ plan to tackle your own current issues and potential future challenges
  • Understand the escalation process, timescales and ramifications of arbitration

Workshop Outline

Background to GSCOP
The Code Adjustor
Key Definitions

The Code
For each point of the code:

  • Building understanding
  • Interpretations & discussions
  • Examples & Scenario testing
  • Application to current issues

Wrap Up
‘Ready for Action’ Planning

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