Cost Price Workshop

A one day workshop designed to prepare you to be successful with your cost price discussions

Why do you need this?

Any supplier purchasing finished product, raw ingredients and packaging materials in EUROS or US DOLLARS is facing a hit on profitability.

• The Pound is at its lowest against the US Dollar for over 10 years
• The Pound is at its lowest against the Euro for over 4 years

On a background of increased utilities, insurance, fuel and labour costs (new minimum wage) most suppliers may not be able to absorb all of these costs.

If you are considering a change in cost prices, being fully prepared, having clarity on objectives, understanding the retailers position, planning the potential negotiation and role playing the likely discussions is critical to the success of achieving a mutually acceptable outcome.

What do you get?

The one day workshop is run by two senior consultants including an ex-trading director from a top 4 grocer.

Our team will prepare and challenge you to ensure you are ready for cost price discussions by delivering….

• An understanding of the retailers’ likely responses and tactics and what their approach may be
• A process that will help facilitate the cost price discussions with trade partners
• Building a category based rationale to help defend your brands
• Guidance on how to deliver a compelling argument, to position the rationale and to overcome retailer objections
• Q&A guide to aid collaborative trade meetings
• Role play exercises designed to build teams confidence in delivery